Search Engine Optimization​

Keeping your Website Visible & Relevant in Searches

SEO is a Noun, Verb, and Adjective.

Effective SEO helps increase traffic by improving overall visibility in search engines, from non-paid search listings. A strong SEO strategy requires on-site optimization, planning and execution of an effective content strategy, as well as development of authority within a given niche, in a matter that is compliant with the latest best practices and guidelines. We have a team of people that deep dive into our client’s goals thus helping businesses become more relevant in search, concentrating on conversions and consequently more sales.

Onpage SEO

We follow both Google best practices for onpage optimization as well as our many years of actually doing this. We take a look at your brand’s search presence and develop a holistic plan to ensure you own as much search market share for your keywords as possible from text to photos to videos.

Offpage SEO

Until Google says inbound links aren’t important and affect its search ranking algorithm; we’ll continue to build natural one-way links to your website using a holistic strategy that includes content, partnerships and some good old creativity.

Content Development

Content is still king and queen. Your customers expect you to deliver value to them and that doesn’t just mean promotions and discounts any longer. It means real value in the form of content.

Traditional SEO practices don’t cut it anymore. We take a three-phase strategic approach to SEO:


Before moving forward with any SEO campaign, it’s imperative you have the right strategy to guide your efforts. We conduct research and use specialized tools to help you understand the potential revenue opportunity achievable through SEO, as well as where you currently rank against competitors. This stage is critical to streamlining implementation and getting the most out of your investment.


With over 8 years of experience, our SEO experts know how to build campaigns that drive tangible results. We leverage all possible indicators to ensure search engines credit your website as the most relevant and valuable source for your target search queries. From the keyword selection process, to on-page and off-page strategies – including content creation and curation, social media signals, and link syndication – we have the expertise to help you maximize the effectiveness of your SEO.

Tracking & Adjustment 

We provide actionable SEO measurement scorecards. These cutting edge scorecards track campaign performance against the agreed upon key performance indicators (KPIs), empowering you to have more control and visibility into your search marketing. We don’t simply track rankings and “keywords on page 1”, because we know those aren’t the metrics you’re held accountable for. We take a step further and help you understand the revenue contribution of your SEO and PPC programs using our Keytouch Attribution Tool. In any marketing channel, measurement means nothing unless you close the loop and act on your data. We proactively take your campaign results, uncover actionable insights, and then funnel them back into the Strategy and Implementation phases in a cycle of ongoing optimization.

Everything you need to know to get started with SEO for your company’s website.

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